Alphabet Synthetic Machines

Alphabet Synthetic Machines

Alphabet Synthetic Machines make it possible for one person to communicate with another regardless of age, health, or hearing capability.

Alphabet Synthetic Machines are a technology that enables speech to be generated from voice-to-text software. This technology can be used by people of all ages and with all kinds of hearing deficiencies.

Alphabetical Synthetic Machines allow for a greater range of communication by synthesizing speech that can be heard by people who use earbuds or hearing aids.



We are a text-to-speech software company. We specialize in creating high-quality conversational experiences for people. Our tools and technology can be used for almost any age or level of ability whether it’s a child with hearing loss or an elderly person who has trouble communicating clearly.


develop technology

We develop technology for humans, enabling them to communicate with those who are not able to speak. We seek to help those with age-related health issues, the elderly, and the deaf. We are studying the correlation between alphabetic synthesis machines and blockchain. For this research, basic knowledge of blockchain is required. Basic knowledge includes knowledge of various exchanges such as 비트맥스 and includes the concept of blockchain. We were able to learn this help from ‘crypto for trader’.

recording device

An alphabetical synthesis machine is a recording device that converts sound waves into electrical impulses. First invented in 1929, they are capable of creating any type of sound. The two most common forms of alphabetical synthesis machines are more commonly known as tones and tapes. Both use the same technology but have different forms which perform the same function in different ways.

In the 1990s and 2000s, alphabetical machines became increasingly popular, thanks to their wide range of applications as well as their speed.


highly attractive to ordinary users

Their ease of use makes them highly attractive to ordinary users who often have no previous experience in coding or standard programming languages. When they were first developed, alphabetical machines had a lesser degree of flexibility than their predecessors but today they are the most advanced synthesis machines available on the market.

telegraph operators

Alphabet-synthesizing machines were used by telegraph operators to transmit messages by pressing the keys of a keyboard rather than clicking a telegraph key. These machines, which were also known as automatic writing machines, were invented in the mid-nineteenth century and remained in use until the early 1900s.


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